The Dance Opera Story:

Dove from the Blue Danube

—– Story written by Will Lin, Toronto, November 2015


Dove from the blue Danube used to be called “Love”, because the world misspelled her name as “Dove”, so she thinks that there is no difference between letter “L” and letter “D”. Anyway, Dove is always an icon of love: she triggers feelings of love whenever people see her. But Dove needs love too, just like water needs more water to make a river.

Spring is coming. Dove hears the voices of spring like the following:

 Listen to ‘Voices of Spring’ by Strauss on YouTube

Dove dances in the above music with green Grass near the Black Sea. Grass suggests that Dove should ask the very wise Blue Danube river to help find her love: firstly what her love should be and secondly how to get her love.

“He must be someone who likes sports! Just like I am always moving,” said the Blue Danube,

“and you need to present something from the tree sounds like fruitful in order to get your love.”

Then Dove hears the music of “Beautiful Blue Danube” , so she dances with some flowers along the blue Danube river.

Listen to ‘Beautiful Blue Danube’ on YouTube

Dove dances the whole night till the dawn. She takes a break standing on the leaf of a tree near one man’s window and hears the following serenade being sung by the man (we call him Morningman) because Morningman saw Dove dressed in white:

” … Put on your white dress too,
And open the door to your minstrel!
Where you are not, sunlight is missing;
Where you are, love dawns. …”

Listen to this morning serenade on YouTube

Dance version

When Morningman finishes the song, he opens the window more and Dove almost is hit by his big window, so Dove flies to somewhere near Italy, where she finds some chips beside an open book. She goes and eats some chips because she is so hungry and is not even aware of one guy named Nemorino whistling to her for quite a few times and singing her the following aria after failing to draw her attention:

“How beautiful she is, how dear she is
the more I see her, the more I like her
but in that heart I’m not capable
little dearness to inspire
That one reads, studies, learns
I don’t see that she ignores anything … ”

Listen to this aria ‘Quanto e bella, quanto e care’ on YouTube

When Nemorino finishes the song, Dove has actually eaten a lot of chips in a rush. She is so full now, and starts hiccoughing. One other man Des Grieux, the owner of the book is amazed by her hiccoughing and thinks that she is speaking some gentle words to him, so he sings her the following aria:

Donna non vidi mai, simile a questa!	I have never seen a woman, such as this one!
A dirle: "io t'amo," 			To tell her: " I love you",
a nuova vita l'alma mia si desta.	my soul awakens to a new life.
"Manon Lescaut  mi chiamo!"		"Manon Lescaut is my name."
Come queste parole profumate,  		How these fragrant words 
mi vagan nello spirto 			wander around in my mind.
e ascose fibre vanno a carezzare.	And come to caress my innermost fibers.
O sussurro gentil,			Oh! sweet thoughts,
deh! non cessar, 			Ah, do not cease!

Listen to this aria ‘Donna non vidi mai’ on YouTube

When Dove stops hiccoughing, the owner of the book, Des Grieux, continues to sing “Ah, do not cease, do not cease … ” and approaches her and tries to grabs her. Dove tries her best and eventually escapes, but one of her feathers is pulled out and left in Des Grieux’s hand. Dove flies up high, and sees the owner of the book, Des Grieux, dancing with the feather, singing the following aria:

“Woman is unstable
like the feather in the wind
she changes tone

and thought … ”
Listen to this aria ‘La donna e mobile’ on YouTube

Now Dove is still searching for a better tree from which she might get something sounds like fruitful. When Dove flies to somewhere near Germany, it is already evening time, and she takes a break by standing on the leaf of a tree, but she has to change from leaf to leaf in order to find one strong enough to support her, so she actually is making some noises by jumping from one leaf to the other. One maiden (Maiden) is waiting for her lover under the tree, when Maiden hears the sounds from the leaves, she sings the following serenade:

“My songs beckon softly
through the night to you;
below in the quiet grove,
Come to me, beloved!
The rustle of slender leaf tips
in the moonlight;


beloved, hear me!
Trembling I wait for you,
Come, please me!”
Listen to this evening serenade on YouTube

Dove is terrified when she hears Maiden singing “beloved, hear me! Trembling I wait for you, Come, please me!” , and then Dove flies up high above the tree, and suddenly Maiden sings one other song as following when she sees Dove’s white wings wide open:

“On Wings of Song,
Sweetheart, I carry you away,
Away to the fields of the Ganges,
Where I know the most beautiful place.


There we will lay down
Under the palm tree
Peace and love and drink
And dream our blissful dream”

Listen to the above song on YouTube

Dove now decides to go to Cuba when she hears Maiden singing “… the most beautiful place, … under the palm tree, Peace and love and drink …”.

When Dove arrives in Siboney, Cuba, she feels very happy and sings the famous song “Siboney” as following:

how I want you,
I would die to
have your love.
honey’s sweetness
from your lips wings
like a dove.

Come to me,
I who love you,
my treasure, and want you
as close to me as can be.

breezes whisper,
as palms murmur
thoughts of you.

my dreams call out,
can’t you hear my voice for you all about?

if you don’t come
I’ll die with your love away.

with tides dreaming
in my hut awaiting you anxiously.

You alone
are that person
who owns all my love, Siboney.

Hear the echo
of my song so
crystal clear.
Don’t lose your way
in the shadows of
swamp night fear.”
Listen to the above song ‘Siboney’ on YouTube

In order to save some money, Dove doesn’t live in a hotel in Cuba, instead she sleeps on someone’s window. The next morning, Dove finds she is crowned with flowers, and soon she hears a girl named Chinita singing the following song:

“When I left Havana, help me God!
nobody saw me leaving, it was just I
And a pretty artful-flatterer, there I go!
she just was after me, yes sir, she was.

If to your window happens to come a dove,
treat it with loving care, for it’s my own.
Tell her, my loving one,
and crown her with flowers, for she is mine.

Ay, Chinita, that’s right,
Ay, please give me your love,
Ay, you come with me, Chinita, to wherever is my home”

Listen to this song ‘La Paloma’ (dove) on YouTube

Dove asks Chinita where her lover goes and Chinita says she doesn’t know exactly but somewhere he can find more pumpkin pies and somewhere sounds like fruitful. Then Dove does some Google search online and finds that a pumpkin parade will take place in Toronto, so she decides to joins the event and signs up on Facebook for this event.

Now Dove arrives in Toronto and watches the pumpkin parade from the top of one of the maple trees. Pumpkins’ bodies have been all emptied and pumpkin shells are reshaped into different images. Candles are lit inside the pumpkin shells. Dove hears pumpkins singing the following song ‘You Light up My Life’:

“So many nights
I’d sit by my window,
Waiting for someone
To sing me his song.

So many dreams
I’ve kept deep inside me.
Alone in the dark
But now you’ve come along.


And you
Light up my life.
You give me hope
To carry on.

You light up my days
And fill my nights
With song.

Rolling at sea,
Adrift on the waters.
Could it be finally
I’m turning for home?

Finally, a chance
To say, “Hey, I love you,”
Never again
To be all alone.

(Chorus x2)

It can’t be wrong,
When it feels so right.
‘Cause you…
You light up my…

Pumpkins dance with Candles  in pairs in the wind while singing the song above. Some people are eating pumpkin pies on the table.

Listen to the song ‘You Light up My Life’ on YouTube


Now it comes to the time that people start to toss pumpkin shells. Dove sees some of the people are throwing pumpkin shells to the small shipping cart and some others are carrying the pumpkin shells along with the candle inside on the way to a large garbage cart. Dove also hears the sounds when pumpkin shells are being tossed and sees that the candle flames are extinguished by broken pieces.

More and more pumpkins are being destroyed. Dove starts to cry and her tears keeps falling down upon one maple leaf, and eventually the maple leaf drops down on the ground still with the tears of Dove on it. Dove flies down to the ground and picks up the maple leaf with her mouth. Suddenly she sees a special pumpkin shell carved into a image of a jay on the left and image of a maple leaf on the right. Dove gets closer to the pumpkin shell and tries to stick the maple leaf from her mouth to the right hand side hole of pumpkin shell where a maple leaf image is presented. One lady comes and picks up this special pumpkin and carries it on the way to garbage cart. Dove keeps following the lady and the pumpkin. More tears comes to Dove’s eyes. When the lady throws the pumpkin to the cart, suddenly a real jay flies out from the same pumpkin because the image of the jay becomes a real blue jay!

Now the jay (his name is Jay) sees a tear still on the chin of Dove, then Jay sings the following aria:

” A single secret tear
from her eye did spring:
as if she envied all the youths
that laughingly passed her by.
What more searching need I do?
What more searching need I do?
She loves me! Yes, she loves me, I see it …”

Listen to the above aria ‘Una furtiva lagrima’ on YouTube

Dance music version for ‘Una furtiva lagrima’


Jay falls in love with Dove and Dove falls in love with Jay, so they dance the whole night till the dawn from the pumpkin parade venue to somewhere near Yonge Street and Bay Street in Toronto. They dance like playing baseball. When they dance to a street named La Scala Lane, Dove thinks that the famous opera house is there, so she sings the following very sweet and happy aria:

” Take it, because of me you are free

Stay on your native soil … ”

Listen to this aria ‘Prendi, per me sei libero’

Dove dances very beautiful waltz while singing the second half of this vibrating aria.

People are amazed by Dove’s aria and they all dance ‘De La Opera al Cha Cha Cha’.

Jay and Dove want to find a place to celebrate. They invite all people of Toronto, all Blue Jays fans, all baseball players, all dancers, all singers, old and young, and raise all their cups, drink, sing, and dance the following:

Libiamo Ne’ Lieti Calici (La Traviata)


(End of Story)

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