Past Event Review(November 29, 2014):

A fun combination of singing, dance and visual art :)

Party Idol One:  Soccer

Soccer got eyes from Ping-pong and mouth from Badminton  :) .

Soccer looks like a human being now so people don’t kick it any more :)



Party Idol Two:  Coconut

Coconut tries to learn from Soccer’s success:

he hires oranges to be his eyes and banana to be his mouth,

but Coconut doesn’t have good luck: Will and his party people still eat them!

“Oh! Indeed! It is hard to understand!” says Coconut.


Party Poster:



The mini opera show “Trinity“:

Soccer is being kicked by people and he cries out painfully aloud when his body is hit against the walls. In order to stop this, he sings “O Freunde, nicht diese töne!” (“O friends! Not these sounds!” from Beethoven’s Symphony No.9, baritone, in German language)  — free dance

Soccer wants to have eyes so that he is able to see when people try to kick him.

When Soccer meets Ping-pong, he falls in love with her, and desires for her beautiful eyes! So he sings “Per la gloria d’adorarvi”  (“For the glory of adoring you” from opera “Griselda” by Giovanni Bononcini, tenor, in Italian), in which at the end he sings “Luci care!” (“Dear eyes!”) — Slow waltz dance

Soccer also wants to have lips so that he can speak when people try to kick him.

When Soccer meets Badminton, he also falls in love with her, and desires for her kiss and listening to her voice, so he sings “Donna non vidi mai” (“Never seen a beauty like this from the first act of Giacomo Puccini‘s opera, Manon Lescaut.) — free dance

But it is hard for Soccer to catch either Ping-pong or Badminton because they can jump and fly, so he sings “La donna e mobile”(“The woman is fickle”  from Giuseppe Verdi‘s opera Rigoletto) — Viennese waltz dance


… eventually Soccer gets what he wants after he sings something else, and people dare not to kick him any more.

Please come to the party to see how Soccer changes his fate! Go to see event detail. :)